Am I eligible for the TOTAL tax-free fuel?

The TOTAL Diplomatic Card is reserved exclusively for natural persons and legal persons who are eligible for the exemption from the excise duty and from the VAT, which results in a tax-free fuel year quota/allowance:

In practice, this means, you must fulfil the following three conditions:

  1. You must be the holder of a Belgian Protocol ID-card, issued by the Belgian Protocol Directorate.
  2. You must be eligible to the tax-free fuel year quota/allowance.
  3. You must be the owner of one or more vehicles registered in Belgium in your name: either a CD number plate, or a regular Belgian number plate, or an international number plate registered as such in Belgium.

Please note that other rules apply for the official use of the diplomatic missions established in Brussels. The diplomatic missions are kindly requested to contact the FPS - Finance - Administration of Customs and Excise:

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